Every day, the number of pets that are managed as cargo in our country increases and clients and pet owners have little information about what or how they should do to allow for them to travel safe and comfortably. Pet Lounge was created to assist people with their pets’ export and import needs. We will walk you through and manage the step by step process to insure the safest, quickest, low-priced and, more importantly, a stress free trip for your pet. Our staff has over 5 years of experience in air freight and customs for a wide array of products, as well as dedicated veterinary services, the perfect combination to ensure the health and welfare of your pet before, during and after the trip.



We ship your pet from Costa Rica to anywhere in the world. Our experience of over 10 years in the business of air cargo and veterinary is an ideal way to give your pet efficient and effective transport and logistics coordination.We are freight forwarders so we can work directly with the airlines that transport pets in Costa Rica, which are: Delta, United, Taca, Copa, Iberia, DHL, Air Canada and KLM. With all of them we have transported pets all over the world.
Some of the services we provide when exporting a pet are: We identify regulations that countries have to accept the entry of pets. This allows us to identify what are the right steps to follow to achieve the entrance of the pet into the country of destination. Also we can coordinate with international agents for them to handle your pet upon arrival to facilitate customs procedures or quarantine. Depending on the country of destination we can offer you door to door service where we will collect your pet, give it to the airline and once you arrive at your destination, coordinate their customs clearance and delivery to your home.


In Costa Rica is complicated for your pet to clear customs when traveling as cargo. They complete a process of nationalization and a series of sanitary requirements with Senasa.We provide customs clearance, we file the import permit, pay taxes and if you need it we deliver your pet to your home. All pets are welcome in Costa Rica, you just have to be sure to have the entry requirements and for that you can call us.


In Pet Lounge we know it can be difficult for some people to transport their pets on the day of travel. To avoid that problem we have our own pet transport, so we can pick up or deliver pets anywhere in the country. Kennels and accessories.We provide any kennel size to transport your pet. From a small kennel to a giant one, also we build wooden cages custom-made when necessary because pets are too large to travel in a plastic cage. We also have dishes for water and food that can be attached to the kennel.


Pet Lounge has in his staff Dr. Cesar Seco, veterinarian with more than 10 years of experience in minor species. He is in charge of coordinating all the health requirements from each country where the pets are traveling. The process is as follows: 1. We need to study which are the health requirements in each country to allow pets enter. 2. We give the pet the necessary shots. 3. We perform blood test, put microchips and perform physical tests when required. 4. Issue the health certificates to travel. All this steps will assure that your pet won´t have problems when entering another country.


We can provide any kennel size, from a little one for a cat to a giant one for Great Dane. Also if your dog needs one we can build a custom made wooden kennel. We also have bowls that go attached to the kennel door so it can be easy to give your pet food and water while traveling. Everything your pet will need for his travel, we have it.


1How do you ship your pet?

First of all, the pet must be greater than 8 weeks old. You need to have an animal health certificate issued by a veterinarian and signed by SENASA (National Animal Health Service). This certificate will show to the authorities on arrival that the pet is healthy and has all current vaccinations. The certificate cannot exceed 10 days between the day that is given and the day the pet reaches its destination. The cage (kennel) where the pet will travel must meet the following requirements: 1. The bolts and door of the Kennel should be metal. 2. The animal must travel loose in the kennel (not touch any part of the body at the top of the kennel). 3. Absorbent material must be placed inside the cage (newspaper or a towel). 4. Containers of water and food must go inside the cage and some extra food needs to be put outside the cage. 5. Adequate ventilation. 6. Additionally, no collar or toys are allowed inside the kennel. After you have the proper cage you should evaluate the ideal airline for your pet to travel. This will depend on the pet’s breed because some breeds cannot be transported easily; the destination country and the availability of space in the airline. Regarding the shipment itself, the pet must be delivered to the export terminal where the airline is. Then the pet and kennel are checked to meet each airline’s requirements; later the pet gets weighted, and then delivered to airline personnel. Finally a commercial invoice needs to be prepared, which will be presented to customs to permit the pet to leave the country, with such invoice a Unique Customs Document (DUA) is prepared. Then the agent must prepare the air waybill (AWB) contract between the exporter and importer in detailing the exchange of the pet. All of these processes, your pet will be ready to be transported.

1How do I know what type of travel kennel to get for my pet?

The proper type of kennel for airline flight should be ventilated on all 4 sides. It should have a metal door, NOT a plastic door and metal screws holding it together, NOT plastic screws or clips. The kennels with the plastic doors and plastic screws or clips are not secure for travel. Both cats and dogs have been known to escape from these while in the aircraft because they bend or break during flight.

How to determine the correct size kennel you need: Measure the length of your pet from the base of its tail to the tip of its nose. Measure the height of your pet from the ground all the way up to the tip of its ears or top of the head, whichever is tallest. Add an additional 2-3 in. to both measurements when determining the correct size kennel. Make sure your pet is able to fully turn around comfortably in the kennel.
1How does the air freight is calculated?

Air Freight and other due carrier charges depends on the weight of your pet and on the volumetric weight of it´s kennel. The air freight will be the result of multiplying the air rate and the weight or the volumetric weight (see “volumetric weight”). The air rate will depend on the destination country.

1Volumetric Weight

The volumetric weight of a shipment is a calculation that reflects the density of a package. A less dense item generally occupies more volume of space, in comparison to its actual weight. The volumetric or dimensional weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the shipment to ascertain which is greater; the higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost.

-Width x Length x Height in centimeters / 6000 =
-Volumetric Weight in kilograms.
1Brachycephalic breed? We have a problem!

The brachycephalic breeds are not allowed to travel on most of the airlines, there are some that will ship them but every case needs to be reviewed by our operations team.
Brachycephalic Breeds? Check out this page: clic here

1How long will my pet be subjected to the heat or cold while in transit?

Pets are transported in temperature controlled vehicles from the cargo facility to the plane and back. They are transferred immediately from the van to the plane and from the plane to the van so it is only a matter of minutes that they are actually outside. Animals are the last ones on the plane and the first ones off at each destination.

1Does my dog have to go into quarantine?

This depends also on the country that you are going into and the country that you are coming out of. Some countries allow you to do an in home type quarantine prior to entering their country but again, this depends largely on where you are coming from and where you are going to.

1Can my dog/cat fly alone?
Yes, your dog/cat can be booked as manifest cargo and can fly alone to most locations.
1How long will my pet be subjected to the heat or cold while in transit?

Pets are transported in temperature controlled vehicles from the cargo facility to the plane and back. They are transferred immediately from the van to the plane and from the plane to the van so it is only a matter of minutes that they are actually outside. Animals are the last ones on the plane and the first ones off at each destination.

1What vaccinations do my pet need to fly on an airplane?

This will depend on the destination. A good rule of thumb is…rabies should always be over 30 days and less than one year when traveling internationally.

1Can I do this move myself?

Yes you can. Many people do handle their moves on their own to save money, however, there are MANY mistakes made when this is done. If you are going to another country and you are not VERY clear on the laws of that country, your pet will be the one to suffer. You can do this yourself but if you’re I’s are not dotted or your t’s are not crossed exactly right, your animal will be the one to suffer. And it will cost you MUCH, MUCH more than you can possibly imagine. Do NOT rely on your vet to know what he/she is doing either. I have personally redone the work of several veterinarians for pets moving internationally after the owner called me in for help, realizing something was wrong. It is much less expensive to do things right the first time than to have to redo it a second time after it has been done incorrectly.


I Live in Tampa FL and I bought my two boys a full pedigree Golden Retriever in Costa Rica for Christmas. However, since the dog was still under 3 months old we were having a hard time to bring him to the USA and especially on time for Christmas. Jose and Cesar from Pet Lounge were awesome. They really went the extra mile for us and we were able to get the puppy on time and give my two boys the best Christmas present ever all thanks to Pet Lounge.

Alex Ramirez

I can not in words express how HELPFUL, Kind, responsive, professional, and fast Pet Lounge CR TRULY IS. The services provided helped guide me on my trip feeling safe, secure, and taken care of. On a holiday Pet Lounge CR went out of their way to come to the airport, take my puppy's vet papers, take them to get signed, sealed, delivered, and returned to me in less than 20 minutes. It was incredible and so reassuring to know there are good people who care and do what they say they are going to do.
Responsible, efficient, professional, compassionate, and fast! Thank you pet lounge I am forever grateful to your service and all that you provide for myself and all other pet owners out there!

Colby Colby

Si a una compañía tengo la seguridad de recomendar en mi vida, sin duda es a esta. Desde el primer momento Jose Daniel y Cesar se mostraron amables y dispuestos a ayudarnos. Hoy justamente recibimos a nuestras gatitas en España y llegaron perfectas! Mantuvieron la comunicación conmigo en todo momento. Ellos se encargaron de conseguirles hotel por dos meses en Costa Rica y finalmente del envío. Mandaron fotos y supieron resolver todo lo que se presentó. No me canso de darles las gracias por reunir a nuestra familia.

Verónica Arribas Troccoli


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  • Height: (From top of the ears to the floor ) This is important so we know if we have the right crate size quoted for your pet - For cats we just need weight. (We use this to determine what crate they need so please give your best guess)
    Weight: (We use this to determine what crate they need so please give your best guess)

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