"Transport services for your pet inside and outside Costa Rica"

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"We coordinate the health requirements so your pet can travel all over the world"

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We ship your pet from Costa Rica to anywhere in the world. Our experience of over 10 years in the business of air cargo and veterinary is an ideal way to give your pet efficient and effective transport and logistics coordination.

We are freight forwarders so we can work directly with the airlines that transport pets in Costa Rica, which are: Delta, United, Taca, Copa, Iberia, DHL, Air Canada and KLM. With all of them we have transported pets all over the world.

Some of the services we provide when exporting a pet are:

We identify regulations that countries have to accept the entry of pets. This allows us to identify what are the right steps to follow to achieve the entrance of the pet into the country of destination. Also we can coordinate with international agents for them to handle your pet upon arrival to facilitate customs procedures or quarantine.

Depending on the country of destination we can offer you door to door service where we will collect your pet, give it to the airline and once you arrive at your destination, coordinate their customs clearance and delivery to your home.


In Costa Rica is complicated for your pet to clear customs when traveling as cargo. They complete a process of nationalization and a series of sanitary requirements with Senasa.

We provide customs clearance, we file the import permit, pay taxes and if you need it we deliver your pet to your home.

All pets are welcome in Costa Rica, you just have to be sure to have the entry requirements and for that you can call us.


Pet Lounge has in his staff Dr. Cesar Seco, veterinarian with more than 10 years of experience in minor species. He is in charge of coordinating all the health requirements from each country where the pets are traveling. The process is as follows:

1. We need to study which are the health requirements in each country to allow pets enter.
2. We give the pet the necessary shots.
3. We perform blood test, put microchips and perform physical tests when required.
4. Issue the health certificates to travel.

All this steps will assure that your pet won´t have problems when entering another country.


In Pet Lounge we know it can be difficult for some people to transport their pets on the day of travel. To avoid that problem we have our own pet transport, so we can pick up or deliver pets anywhere in the country.
Kennels and accessories

We provide any kennel size to transport your pet. From a small kennel to a giant one, also we build wooden cages custom-made when necessary because pets are too large to travel in a plastic cage. We also have dishes for water and food that can be attached to the kennel.


We can provide any kennel size, from a little one for a cat to a giant one for Great Dane. Also if your dog needs one we can build a custom made wooden kennel. We also have bowls that go attached to the kennel door so it can be easy to give your pet food and water while traveling. Everything your pet will need for his travel, we have it.

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