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We are a pet logistics company.

We offer unmatched travel experience, outstanding logistics and safe air transportation.

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Pet Shipping

We ship pets to any destination in the world. We identify regulations and plan the admission of your pet into designated destination.

Customs Clearance

In some countries, pets must be cleared from Customs. We will coordinate their clearance and assure they comply with all the import requirements.


Pet Housing

We offer pet housing services for pets initiating exportation and importation proceedings.

We have the best partners on pet accomodation, so you don’t need to worry for last minute itinerary adjustments.

Quote your service

The best travel experience for your pet in just 3 steps.

Our services are exclusively for trips including Costa Rica as country of origin or destination.

Contact and travel details

Departure and Destination (Costa Rica should be included in one of the options)

Pet Information

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Measures: Please be as accurate as possible so that we can make sure we get the correct information. If the measurements or weight are incorrect, your quote will not be accurate.

Breed: If you have a mixed breed pet, please indicate which type of mix: Snub nose or Pit Bull mix will have an effect on the price.

Do you have an airline approved travel crate?

Travel crates with plastic clips, roof vents/doors are not allowed. Metal screws with plastic caps are ok.

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Door to Door Pick Up and Delivery

The best logistics experience for your pet's trip!

Vet Services

Transport Crates


We work directly with Airlines that carry pets, as we are air cargo agents.